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Success Stories

Success Stories


  • Multi-Location Solutions
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Expedited Processing
  • Significant Returns

Sometimes, process is the difference between success and failure. When managing utility bills for large multi-location companies, Engie Insight lacked a consistent business process for exception handling. With tens of thousands of pieces of paperwork to track, they were struggling with a series of data entry input mistakes and time-consuming workflow exceptions – which led to slow payment processing and required a small army of client service representatives to spend valuable time manually tracking issues. With no visibility into the exceptions process, this put the entire company at risk of not complying with their contractual agreements.

Chrysalis BTS built a solution that helped improve data quality, expedited processing of customer invoices with unknown or inactive address or customer data, and tracked the progress of each invoice in the system.

Workflow exception processing time was reduced from weeks to days. Underscoring the scope of the hidden problem, Engie caught more exceptions in the first three weeks than they expected over the course of a full year. Once the process was in place, Engie realized significant returns almost immediately, well beyond expectations.

Process Automation

Process Reporting

Task Management


  • Collaboration In Context
  • Frictionless Sharing
  • Governance & Compliance

If people are your greatest resource, it’s imperative to get technology out of their way. Geographically dispersed across several locations, Lattice Semiconductor found its talented workforce unable to seamlessly connect to share ideas, improvements, and design. Cross-team collaboration was infrequent and slow, as teams were out of sync, had trouble effectively sharing resources, and were unable to focus their efforts on the big picture.

Using Microsoft Teams, Chrysalis BTS tailored workspaces with specialized content and apps that helped those teams collaborate in context using enterprise-grade security and compliance tools. With ready access to colleagues, teams found it easier to widen the ideation pipeline, reduce the time to market, and deliver higher-quality products.

Working more collaboratively than ever before, Lattice created a dynamic workstream that put their best minds to work, together. Frictionless sharing and seamless tool access helped turn their strongest ideas into exceptional ones.

System Integration

Tailored Workspaces

Training & Adoption


  • Issue Identification
  • Resolution Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Better Informed Decision Making
  • Improved Client Satisfaction

A provider of services for multiple health care facilities, Consonus Healthcare was tracking issues and follow-ups using email. This resulted in a process that wasn’t traceable or trackable, and resulted in missed opportunities to improve. Consultants and case managers using the system weren’t being set up to succeed.

Chrysalis BTS rebuilt their case management tool providing a central touchpoint for all consultants and managers to follow the status of their cases. With transparency into processes and patient alerts, users were better able to identify issues and take concrete steps to resolve them. After implementation, the case management tool increased client satisfaction and response time, helped Consonus scale to handle more issues faster and helped them meet growing demand for its services.

Employing continuous improvement approach the tool continues to evolve to meet new client needs and address new business challenges.

Management Dashboard

Agile Development

Process Automation



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