Our passion. Our people.

Our passion. Our people.

About Chrysalis BTS

Transforming Business, By Design

We’re not your average technology consulting firm. We’re your guide through the difficult transition between thinking analog and flowing digital. We help organizations of all sizes confront challenges in work processes, collaboration, analytics and business technology strategy. For over three decades, we’ve helped organizations across the globe through challenging transitions using a combination of hard work, a focus on team dynamics, and a commitment to delivering results.

We believe that innovation isn’t an event, it’s a process. We build solutions that are right for your organization, then make sure you’re in the driver’s seat. If your team isn’t integrated into the solution from the beginning, they’re not set up to succeed. We take great care to be true partners, helping your team take ownership of the solution, empowering them to act and direct the outcome.

We believe in radical transparency, letting you know not just how we work, but how we think. Ours is a culture of mutual respect, complete honesty, and the curiosity to ask, “what if”. We take partnership seriously. We believe our work together should stand the test of time, and continuously improve.



With tens of thousands of pieces of paperwork to track, Engie was beset by series of data entry input mistakes, workflow exceptions…



We help organizations of all sizes deliver better results through powerful partnerships.



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