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Start with your people — the smartest and best-educated workforce ever. But what happens when you truly focus those talents with cloud based tools that drive collaboration and empower the mobility people love? Talk to us about targeted cloud and mobility options that make the most of your team’s skills.

Work with
your customers

Customers aren’t just customers any more. They’re partners, stakeholders and co-creators of your business. The challenges you face maintaining and growing relationships that propel your business are unique — as distinct as the processes and tools we’ll develop to help you anticipate, engage, and grow your customer relationships.

Work with a plan

When it comes to core business technology, planning is everything. At Chrysalis | BTS we work with technology. We analyze, manage and amplify the impact of the people and systems you use. That’s great. But what’s better is our planning. Intelligent planning means we tell you exactly what we’ll do before we do it. It’s all in the plan: processes and tools plus the experienced talent required to manage the risk and accelerate success. Planning for new business technologies? Talk to us first.


Technology That Works Harder

At Chrysalis | BTS we’re an elite team of IT talents focused on achieving targeted business results through effective analysis and astute business process design, founded on a pragmatic approach to delivery.

Chrysalis | BTS clients benefit from exceptionally diverse conceptual skills and experience. From developing innovative tools to help support ‘out there’ genomic data researchers, to designing smart ‘down to earth’ industrial-scale exception management solutions Chrysalis expertise meets every kind of challenge.


We balance a passion for great technology with the need for real world usability. How? Our teams study what your users are actually doing and adapt systems to fit their preferences. In all areas of our expertise, from Consulting to IT Project Services to Managed Application Services, we stress simplicity.

At Chrysalis | BTS there’s always a plan. Outstanding planning skills are the foundation for reliable estimates and consistent delivery. Detailed planning gives clients solid predictability and confidence at every stage of our engagement.


Unrivaled experience? That Works!

They’ve been inside, taking on leadership roles at one of the world’s most influential technology companies. They’ve been ringside, consulting, analyzing and implementing change for some of North America’s most iconic organizations. Whatever the technology challenge, chances are Chrysalis | BTS founding partners are there. As a team they deliver a consulting culture based on learning, understanding, exceptional client-focus and precise, rock-solid planning.

Andrew Hopkins

Andrew (Andy) Hopkins

Principal Consultant

Andy Hopkins explores strategic and business process challenges through the lens of twenty-five years of top-level experience. Andy’s awesome “power player” skill set owes much to the nine years he spent with Microsoft, assisting global alliance partners in developing solution strategies with Microsoft technologies. His strengths in Cloud Migration, Enterprise Information Management, Architecture, Design and Business Process Management give Chrysalis | BTS a clear strategic edge, empowering our teams to meet the most daunting of enterprise technology challenges.

Dave Healey

Dave Healey

Managing Partner

Dave Healey is an astute communicator, with a passion for pragmatic user-focused solutions. Twenty-five years leading outstanding teams in large and complex organizations inspires his approach to design and implementation as an opportunity to drive change and foster innovation.

An experienced leader, Dave has built a number of successful technology solution companies and held pivotal positions with key global players including Microsoft Corporation.


‘Work-With’ skills that align with your business objectives

Chrysalis | BTS works with clients — not for them. That vital distinction means we listen a little more attentively, welcome ideas, focus on results, and explore ways to conserve and enhance your current technological investments.

Because our skill set compliments our clients’ knowledge we achieve more together: evaluating business challenges, overcoming technological hurdles and evolving business processes and performance. Chrysalis | BTS big-picture strengths in business consulting and strategy illuminate and simplify challenges, giving clients a clear overview and practical planning to implement change. Unparalleled consulting experience drives our ability to resource each engagement with the right technology experts — people with the technical skills to excel and the character to work with our clients and their culture.


You have ideas about everything that makes your organization tick. Yet there’s never time to step back and grasp the big picture. That’s where we come in.


Chrysalis | BTS consulting services are built on deep experience, guided by industry best practices. We work right alongside you and your team to help identify, analyze and resolve problems and target opportunities with insightful, strategic and actionable advice.

We listen to your team, build an assessment of current strategy, capture ideas and target problems. Then we help you figure it out — draw up a new roadmap to overcome hurdles and target opportunities backed by unmatched technology leadership. Consulting from Chrysalis | BTS — it’s practical, hardworking insight to resolve problems and accelerate business performance.

IT Project Services

Support to cover every contingency: planning, costing, designing, resourcing, building and training — that’s Chrysalis | BTS. Our decades-deep management experience, leading edge methodologies and live-and-breath technology expert teams get your project working, faster and more efficiently than you might imagine possible.


Our stellar network of partners means we can talk to the people who built the software — not just the people who sell it. So we get answers faster, keep costs down, and accelerate timelines. The sum of insights and efficiencies? It’s more than hours saved. It adds up to different kind of project experience — planned in detail, communicative, and transparent and more often than not on…on schedule. Need “now”? Plan to talk to us very soon.

Managed Application Services

Success, simplified: you work for maximum results — we keep your technology working. Managed Application Services from Chrysalis | BTS mean cost-effective, up-to-date business technology is always “go” — ready to match or exceed the standards set in our industry-leading Service Level Agreements.


Leading edge technology that stays that way? For many businesses the advantages of Managed Application Services go far beyond lower up-front costs and better margins. A proactive service agreement with the technology experts at Chrysalis | BTS means you’re backed by maximum reliability, security and availability. Heavy duty business technology that’s light on your IT resources? We make it happen.

Tech specific know how.
On point. And on call.

Whatever shape your specific business technology challenges take, chances are we’ve been there.

SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online

Chrysalis knows Microsoft products inside out. Our unbeatable Microsoft expertise includes hundreds of SharePoint implementations across all product versions, on-premises and online.

Upgrade, migration, forms and workflow, system and data integration, collaboration, portals, document management, compliance and records management, and more... Our consultants have the experience to help you achieve your business objectives with SharePoint.

K2 blackpearl and K2 Appit for SharePoint

A powerful stand-alone business process management platform, our K2 blackpearl ninjas have delivered robust business applications for clients across a variety of industries including healthcare, utilities, and government.

Implementation, training, mentoring, our consultants have helped many businesses develop their own business apps by extending and enhancing SharePoint Online with K2 Appit.

Customer Relationship

Stay on the map with today’s sophisticated customers. Whether it’s sales force automation, case management, marketing automation, service management or any other type of relationship management solution, count on our technical prowess, teamwork and experience plus advanced ‘Dynamics CRM’ know how. Great customer experiences don’t just happen — they’re made. We’ll help you work out the winning formula to engage your most important business relationships.

User Experience and Adoption

A great user experience is central to the success of any technology initiative, fueling adoption and driving performance. Chrysalis | BTS employs a design-thinking approach on all of our engagements encouraging input and participation from across the business. By pairing creative user experience and visual design with savvy business consulting and deep technical expertise our team helps your team accelerate adoption and performance.


There’s no end game in “experience”

Experience is a process, a willingness to meet pressing needs, to make technology work harder, to achieve complex and challenging goals, to generate answers, drive success and make the leap into a new “now”.

Where are our clients?
You’ll find them in global enterprises, at renowned educational institutions, in all levels of government, and heading up some of the most iconic small and medium scale organizations on the planet. Who are our clients? Their ranks include business innovators, scientific pioneers, educators, healthcare providers and brilliant information technology leaders.

In the field of advanced business technology, “experience” is a moving target. But you can learn a lot about a company by the work they’re proud of.


Working With Empowered Partners

Partnerships are the essence of Chrysalis success. We work with some of the most influential technology companies on the planet. Beyond second-to-none know-how we’ve built the kind of first-name-basis networks that get ‘insider’ answers fast.

Solid partnerships mean Chrysalis can access developers’ “we built that” insight, and get it focused on the “what ifs” of real world implementation. Our partners make the world’s leading business technology products. Our implementations make the most of those products and spotlight their ability to meet client goals. Working together? At Chrysalis it’s always a work in progress.

Born to work with us?

It’s not for everyone. But born consultants know: when you thrive on listening, learning and problem solving, nothing beats consulting.

At Chrysalis we find opportunities to meet consultants’ career objectives: learning; income levels and assignments that will challenge your skills. Back up? We get that: on-point planning, unbeatable colleagues plus an independent playbook of smart, consultant-honed management practices… Chrysalis | BTS support gives you the power to flourish and succeed. And accomplish.

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